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Hospitality & Facilities Attendant

Job Function:
Catering & Hospitality
United Kingdom
Job Type:


Job Summary:

This is a customer facing role in which you are representative of the boohoo brand, first-rate communication and exceptional customer service skills are required.

You will seek to possess a great knowledge of our products to be able to meet the needs of our staff.

You’ll play an important role as a member of our team front and back of house as well as external events. Your all round experience will be key, in addition to your pro-active attitude and the ability to work under pressure during peak service. You will carry out hospitality, catering and housekeeping requirements of the business to a very high standard and fulfil all reasonable requests in a timely manner. This includes but is not limited to servicing meeting room suites, events spaces, employee coffee points, communal kitchens and gym areas whilst liaising with the hospitality supervisor for any additional daily requirements such as buffet deliveries/internal events.

We aim to enhance the customer/client experience here at boohoo by maintaining guidelines of cleanliness and presentation and offering a level of hospitality that is representative of our company in a positive manner.

We value our employees and aim to facilitate their day and overall working experience to increase staff retention, employee engagement and increase productivity.

You will demonstrate a duty of care by working within the Health and Safety and Food Safety Act 1990 and subsequent regulations, and to follow any instructions on hygiene given by your Manager.


Tasks, duties & responsibilities:

CEO/Director’s Offices

  • Preparing hot water and/or filter coffee pots for the directors offices.
  • Ensure sufficient stock of teabags, sugar and milk is available whilst monitoring your supplies at all times.
  • Cleanliness of the area and equipment used is of upmost importance.
  • Be prepared to assist with other requirements they may need at any given time during your shift

boohoo Meeting Rooms

The meeting rooms are to be serviced before and after each booking to ensure;

  • Fridges are full at all times with refillable water bottles & cans and that hot water and beverage supplies are available.
  • Good sustainability measures are in place with recycling bins in place, correct signage and clean glasses and mugs are on hand to encourage minimal waste.
  • A quick clean down in preparation for the next session such as sanitising the tables and refreshment areas and removing waste from the building.
  • A full clean down including sweeping, wet & dry mopping, sanitising and dusting will need to be carried out weekly for some of the rooms or communicated to your supervisor when the contractors aren’t meeting expectations.
  • Effective liaising with concierge/reception and the catering department will be essential to fulfil requirements for this area.
  • Monitoring the temperature levels in the rooms to ensure a comfortable environment for visitors and employees.
  • The delivery, set-up & clearing of buffets, and general house-keeping as instructed by the catering team.
  • Ensuring checklists for the meeting rooms have been completed, including temperature checks for the fridge and that any damages are reported.
  • Stock levels to be monitored and reported back to the catering team, to ensure sufficient supplies are stocked. To clean and tidy all areas in order to maintain a safe and hygienic working environment.
  • To maintain good presentation of our meeting room suites throughout the buildings and ensure sufficient furniture is set-up in each room.
  • To respond to employee/visitor comments, pass on suggestions and refer complaints immediately in order to resolve matters without delay.


Communal Kitchens & Gym 

These areas are cleaned by a contract cleaning company and we encourage head office employees to be self-sufficient in cleaning these areas. You will support the contractors by monitoring cleanliness of the kitchens and gym and providing them with any stock needed such as centre feed and toilet roll. They may occasionally need support in carrying out a once-over throughout the day such as sanitising the surfaces, removing waste and replenishing cleaning provisions.

You will report back stock levels of consumables and cleaning products to your supervisor to ensure we have sufficient provisions to meet the needs of the business.



Coffee Points

Free coffee points are in situ within high traffic areas in the business. Frequent servicing including daily cleans, deep cleans, stock management and monitoring overall demand will be required to ensure optimum service at these locations at all times. You will report back stock levels to your supervisor of beverages and cleaning products needed to ensure we have sufficient provisions for these areas.


  • To put the customer first at all times and to identify customer needs promptly and accurately. To provide advice, present the products and promote all services to boohoo staff.
  • To offer related sales and services in order that the customer is fully aware of the range and to increase the sale value.
  • To meet customer requirements accurately thus avoiding unnecessary loss.
  • To communicate clearly, ensuring customer requests are met and ensuring that their order is processed as promptly as reasonably possible.
  • Stock and replenish counters and service points as necessary and ensure all goods are rotated according to date and labelled correctly.


  • To clean and tidy all areas in order to maintain a safe and hygienic working environment.
  • To respond to customer comments, pass on suggestions and refer complaints immediately in order to resolve matters without delay.
  • To ensure that all till operation, staff loyalty software procedures, cash handling and transactions are carried out accurately.
  • To ensure that the checking and recording of food temperatures are completed in accordance with Food Hygiene Regulations.
  • To help in the production of food and drinks and ensure they are presented to the standard set by your managers, taking special care with presentation, portion control and quality.
  • When required you will assist with any catering and occasional housekeeping requirements of meeting rooms and directors offices, maintaining guidelines of cleanliness and presentation.


  • To be prepared to learn about our products and services. Training will be given but seeking information, developing skills and knowledge must be self driven.
  • To be aware and vigilant and immediately report any security or Health & Safety issues to Management. Communicate any work related issues to other staff and suggest how the counter layout, presentation of food stuffs and retail products may be enhanced to maximise sales.
  • To deal with stock deliveries and unpack and store food stuffs accurately. To record food temperatures and to clean and clear work areas. To respond to the needs of the workplace as and when required.
  • Be flexible to cover occasional events, busier periods and in times of absence.

Personal Skills and Abilities

The role is physically demanding and requires;

  • good physical health and the ability to carry out tasks quickly
  • good communication and interpersonal skills
  • the ability to work in a team
  • the ability to work on your own and use your initiative
  • the ability to remain calm under pressure
  • an awareness of hygiene and safety regulations
  • the ability to follow oral and written instructions

*(support will be given. but developing skills and knowledge must be self-driven)



  • Is an ambassador for the brand
  • Attends training, meetings and other events as requested by direct manager or senior management, including Head of Human Resources.
  • Assists colleagues by completing tasks outside own job role when requested, including supporting associated companies.
  • Maintains own working area in a professional and organised manner ready for the next attendant to resume at the close of your shift. Preparing any handover necessary for them to pick-up where you have left off.
  • Assists with occasional desk drop gifting during internal events and campaigns
  • Monitors stock of crockery and cutlery in the communal kitchens
  • Always strives to improve the department’s operation and increase knowledge of own and related job functions.
  • Be flexible to cover occasional events, busier periods and in times of absence.