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Compliance Manager - Leicester

Job Function:
Sourcing & Compliance
Job Type:

The role: We are looking for an experience compliance manager to support the head of compliance in ethical sourcing, supply chain compliance programme, Social audit development, governance projects and internal / external stakeholder engagement. Our Leicester compliance manager must show a sincere and compassionate approach to worker welfare and always keep the protection and safety of the worker at the forefront of their mind.

The Leicester Compliance Manager will be responsible for the on-going development and monitoring of the Leicester supply chain against Boohoo Code of Conduct, UK Law and ETI base code, as well as identify opportunities for continuous improvement, capability improvement and training in other areas.

A successful candidate will be required to help continuously develop the Leicester ethical trade programme, work closely with stakeholders, NGO’s and authoritative / governing bodies in the region.


Key Responsibilities: 

  • Strategically Monitor and regulate the Leicester supply chain against Boohoo Zero tolerance violations.
  • Manage and Coordinate a team of Leicester based a compliance officers to support the boohoo Internal compliance programme.
  • Help to develop Boohoo ethical trade strategy and link to support the development of group sustainability strategy in Leicester.
  • Work closely with appointed 3rd party audit and compliance partners in order to ensure on-going successful audit, investigation and continuous improvement programme.
  • Strategically Identify and escalate risk in the Leicester supply chain back to key stakeholders such as Compliance, sourcing , legal.
  • Develop and implement an on-boarding compliance process including pre audit training and best practice guidance / training.
  • Coordinate with Compliance Head and Compliance coordinator on the development management reports, score cards, dashboards, compliance software and other MIS tools.
  • Continuously coordinate with internal stakeholders such as Sourcing, Buying, Technical, Sustainability and Legal teams to ensure a uniformed and synchronised approach.
  • Lead Leicester Stakeholder engagement and take lead on reporting, communications and participate in work streams and working groups for external programmes on collaboration, transparency and stakeholder engagements.
  • To work closely with Head office compliance in understand boohoo transparency and disclosure model / SOP. Then engage with external stakeholders in sharing data and findings.
  • Engage with Consultants, NGO’s and governing bodies to ensure that Boohoo code of conduct and ethical compliance programme is relevant and in line with current challenges in the industry specific sourcing regions.
  • Collaborate with Head office compliance manager and design our continuous improvement programmes including: identify priorities in the supply base, priorities such as building safety, worker welfare, exploitation & slavery, safety , living wages


  • Drive a robust, stringent and diligent new source approval process in coordination with the head office compliance and sourcing team.
  • Working closely with the sourcing and technical teams to align and support with focused projects such as supply chain mapping, Technical assessment and capacity planning
  • Responsible for internal Due-diligence and risk management programme for new suppliers in Leicester.
  • Regularly schedule a series of unannounced spot checks, with the intention of monitoring against not only the above zero tolerance violations, but to also ensure our products are being produced in compliant facilities .
  • Develop and design focused assessments / spot checks on critical check points such HSE, Fire Safety, building safety, worker welfare, exploitation, modern day slavery.

  • Develop and design Capacity building programmes with existing factories in order to ensure factories are “upgraded “to next level”
  • Candidate must work and support the head of compliance in driving new ways of working, standard operating procedures, as well development of compliance manual and minimum requirement documents around supplier on-boarding and audit expectations.
  • Work closely with the sourcing team to develop a supplier capacity and technical capability monitoring programme i.e technical assessment.
  • Coordinate with Compliance Head and Compliance coordinator on the development management reports, score cards, dashboards, compliance software and other MIS tools.
  • Monitor and manage internal investigations around whistle blowing cases and other high priority programmes.




Qualifications and experience required and desirable:

  1. Candidate must have a strong background in Apparel, Fashion and textiles industry, working for either an established supply chain business, importer, brand / retailer or consultancy / audit body. 
  2. Candidate must have a strong Experience and qualified in conducting Social / Ethical, Environment & Technical audits such as SA 8000, Fast Forward SMETA, BSCI, ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO18001, by a certified body.
  3. Candidate must have strong negotiating skills and strong social engagement / collaborative skills.
  1. English speaking and also preferred if knowledge of Punjabi, Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati.  
  2. Flexible working ethic and able to travel with own transport.
  3. Candidate must be familiar with Leicester clothing manufacturing culture and geography.
  4. Must be well organised and show examples of leadership skills, maybe examples of previous class room training programmes, awareness training and large scale project management
  5. Masters level qualification in Corporate social responsibility / Sustainability – Desirable & not essential
  6. Experience of working with a brand or retailer and must have experience of managing international compliance / ethical trade programme
  7. Candidate must have a strong background in Apparel/ Fashion/ Retail industry. 
  8. Proven experience as a Compliance Manager within the Fashion Industry
  9. Candidate must have a strong background in Social compliance, understanding of critical path management, Supply chain management , production schedule and responsible sourcing and Ethical trade initiatives such as ETI / ILO base code and convention.
  10. An analytical mind able to “see” the complexities of procedures and regulations.
  11. Candidate must have excellent communication skills, reporting skills and have ability to provide comprehensive information to the business and liaise with internal & eternal stakeholders on a regular basis.