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Compliance & Supply Chain Officer / Practitioner

Job Function:
Sourcing & Compliance
Job Type:

The role: We are looking for an experienced auditor and supply chain officer to support the sourcing and compliance team in Leicester with the on-going development of suppliers and identification of risk within the Leicester supply chain.

The Compliance & Supply chain officer’s main responsibilities will be identify and escalate non compliances and systematic failure to meet the standards outlined in our COC, supplier guidance and Verisio compliance programme.  Boohoo are looking for an experienced supply chain audit officer with a strong background in supply chain management and responsible sourcing.

The role will be balanced as well as rewarding, and will focus on multiple different aspects of supplier performance including, Technical and Quality management systems, capacity building while maintaining focus on critical areas relating to: HSE, Fire safety, Worker Welfare, Modern Day Slavery, HRM and Transparency.


Key Responsibilities: 


  • Manage your own audit and monitoring schedule and assess / monitor and spot check Leicester suppliers, factories and manufacturing facilities.
  • Conduct regular timely internal audits in accordance with the boohoo internal audit programme.
  • Conduct Pre audit training and awareness regarding best practice – Candidate is expected to conduct introduction training covering fundamental topics such as Best Practice guidance , UK Labour Law,  HR requirements and expectations around working hours, wage payment, transparency, contracts, Right To Work checks and other convention outlined in our COC (ETI / ILO).
  • Coordinate with key stakeholders regarding new source approvals and supplier on-boarding and supply chain mapping, tracking and maintenance.
  • Conduct internal pre audit assessments i.e due-diligence assessment based on critical check list criteria outlined by Leicester compliance manager. 
  • Conduct regular spot checks / task force visits and unannounced visits with the intention of highlighting failure to adhere to standards outlined in the COC and compliance programme.
  • Development and Installation of compliance tools such as management systems, risk assessments and other safe systems of work.
  • Support the Leicester compliance manager in successful implementation of boohoo Ethical trade & social audit programme
  • For suppliers with high / critical risk issues, Perform root cause analysis in order to perform pragmatic and engaging consultancy within the supply chain. 
  • Conduct awareness training around all aspects of best practice within HSE, Fire safety, QMS, HRM and welfare.


  • Conduct regular CAP review meetings with suppliers factories and ensure that all the CAP’s are closed as per the timelines mentioned in the audit report.

  • Conduct continuous improvement and capacity building exercises in order to support facilities in successful remediation and progression.
  • Conduct basic technical assessments and monitor supplier / factory capacity.
  • Support the Leicester compliance manager in measuring supplier performance by completing score cards, rating and measuring risk.



Qualifications and experience required and desirable:


  1. Candidate must have a strong background in Apparel, Fashion and textiles industry, working for either an established supply chain business, importer, brand / retailer or consultancy / audit body. 
  2. Candidate must have a strong Experience and qualified in conducting Social / Ethical, Environment & Technical audits such as SA 8000, Fast Forward, SMETA, BSCI, ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO18001, by a certified body.
  3. Candidate must have strong negotiating skills and strong social engagement / collaborative skills.
  1. English speaking and also preferred if knowledge of Punjabi, Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati.  
  2. Flexible working ethic and able to travel with own transport.
  3. Candidate must be familiar with Leicester clothing manufacturing culture and geography.
  4. Experience of working with a brand, retailer or extensive supply chain management
  5. Must be well organised and show examples of leadership skills, maybe examples of previous class room training programmes, awareness training and large scale project management